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How do you know if you've married the wrong person?

It was a whirlwind romance and we had the perfect relationship. 

He was my dream partner, loving, caring, attentive… until the day I married him and things became toxic.

I spent my wedding night in A&E with an ‘unexplained’ broken wrist – but I knew what happened….

My romantic illusions shattered. My fear of the future heightened.

The man I had fallen in love with wasn’t the man I married. 

And that was just the start of things to come.

Quickly things escalated. He isolated me from family and friends, and with no one to turn to, he began to control every part of my life. 

I tried to escape, but he watched my every move.

Until one day he went too far, and I found my strength to fight back. 

I no longer wanted to be a victim. 

I wanted to live.

I wanted my life back.

But at what cost?

In sickness and in health and till death us do part…


Praise for THE LAST CUT

A really cracking read!

Martina Cole



An intense, brooding psycho-thriller, gritty and dark as hell, and built around a disturbing but intriguing mystery. You can not afford to miss it.

Paul Finch



If you are a fan of Mark Billingham's DI Helen Weeks then you'll really like Harri Jacobs; a complex, nuanced and refreshingly strong character with a finely tuned survival instinct and she has the scars to prove it. A wonderful and original creation from Danielle Ramsay.

Howard Linskey



I absolutely loved THE PUPPET MAKER... totally fabulous

Martina Cole



Gripping and full of surprising twists. Danielle Ramsay keeps you on the edge of your seat, flipping the pages. Perfect for everyone who loves crime fiction

Nela Neuhaus on THE PUPPET MAKER


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