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The DI Jack Brady Series

The Puppet Maker

The fifth DI Jack Brady investigation, a gritty serial killer thriller for fans of Peter James and Tania Carver.

How can you be saved when no one knows you're lost? 
No one knew about the Puppet Maker... until DI Brady found what remained of his victims. 
The murderer never meant them to be found. 
They are his private collection: each body identical, each... altered. 
Brady knows that now his secret is out, the killer will destroy the evidence - including his latest captive. 
He must find a man who has hidden the worst of crimes for over twenty years. 
And whose nameless victims were never even missed...

Blood Reckoning

The fourth pageturning DI Jack Brady investigation, a gritty serial killer thriller for fans of Peter James and Tania Carver.


In the 1970s, a terrifying serial killer stalked the streets of Tynemouth. The press called him the Joker. The crimes stopped - but the man was never caught. 

And now he's back. 

A body has been found in a sleazy motel room, murdered in exactly the same way as the Joker's first victims. 

Is it a copycat? A trick? Or is the Joker at work once more? 

It's only DI Jack Brady's first day back - and this will be his most twisted case yet. 

As Brady digs into both the old murders and the new, he must confront revenge, betrayal, love and lies...and a truly ruthless killer.

Blind Alley

Three brutal attacks. 
One near-fatal beating. 
And a deadly score to settle. 

DI Jack Brady is riding high after the successful outcome of his previous case but his world is about to come crashing down.

There's a serial rapist plaguing the streets of Whitley Bay. Three young women have been horribly abused and his boss and the press are screaming for answers. Everything seems to point to his old friend and foe gangster Martin Madley though Brady still struggles to believe he's capable of such acts. 

With time running out before the villain strikes again Brady must follow every scrap of evidence. But there are forces at work he knows nothing about, and his persistence is leading both him and those close to him ever further into danger...

Vanishing Point

The stunning new novel from the rising star of the crime writing genre, Vanishing Point sees DI Jack Brady investigating the horrific deaths of young women in Whitley Bay – and uncovering a sadistic and powerful trafficking ring that has its roots in the highest echelons of power…

“Moaning, she lifted her aching head up off the cold tiled floor. In the background the razor sharp noise of dripping water echoed again and again.

All she knew was that she was hurting. Really hurting.

That was when she realised that her tongue was missing…”

Early on a Sunday morning in the North East seaside resort of Whitley Bay, a headless female torso washes up on the beach. Two days later, the body’s missing head appears a mile down the coast – and with that, DI Jack Brady is plunged into one of the most harrowing cases of his career.

If you like Peter James, you’ll love Danielle Ramsay.

Broken Silence

Early one morning in the seaside resort of Whitley Bay, the lifeless body of a young girl, Sophie Washington, is found brutally murdered – her face mutilated beyond recognition.

Back on active duty after being shot, DI Jack Brady is struggling to deal with his marriage break-up. His problems intensify when his friend and colleague DI James Matthews reveals that he was with the victim on the night of her murder.

Brady's loyal deputy, DS Harry Conrad and police psychologist, Amelia Jenkins are assigned with him to crack the case. But as Brady delves deeper into Sophie's life he discovers a far from rosy picture.

Brady must ask some tough questions if he is to get at the truth. Questions not only about Sophie, but also about himself – and what he finds out isn’t going to be pretty.

A hard-hitting thriller that will engross fans of Peter James and Val McDermid.

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